Monday, May 25, 2015

Artist Coloring Book - 2014

In 1969, Chuck Scalin and a friend, artist Jeri Helfgott, came up with an idea to produce a coloring book using the work of their artist friends. It was entitled: A Coloring Book by Fifteen Artists Who Somehow Came Together and Became Friends. The book was sold at a couple of Richmond, Virginia, Shops and sold out. Possibly to all of the artists' students, as they were all professors at Virginia Commonwealth University, at the time.

Fast forward many years, Chuck had been thinking about producing another coloring book; he had a conversation about recreating the project and enlisted his friend, artist Matt Lively to coordinate it.  Together, they invited 30 artists to participate, including 11 of the original artists.  Represented in this project are photographers, painters, print-makers, collage artists, tattoo artists, mural painters, illustrators and a sign painter, Ross Trimmer, who created the vintage style full-color cover of the coloring book based on his research of 1950’s children’s coloring books.

It was decided that they'd create an 11" x 14" (28cm x 35.5cm) limited-edition black and white publication and 500 copies would be printed. All of the artists graciously and enthusiastically accepted the invitation to participate. It was a labor of love, with all of the art work, printing, and effort donated. Other collaborators included Ann Rudy,  Susan Girone Higgins, Harry Kollatz, Ross Trimmer, Dale Quarterman, the folks at Worth Higgins printing, and others who gave of their time and energy.

The project's proceeds would benefit ART180!

One year later, September of 2014, the Artists Coloring Book was launched to the public in the gallery of ART 180.  The official sponsor is Marlene Paul, co-founder and executive director of ART180.  To purchase one of these books, contact ART 180 here.

It is, also, available for purchase in Richmond, VA, USA, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts gift shop, Chop Suey Books, Bbgb children's book store, and Fountain Bookstore.

The current coloring book is included in the rare book collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the 1969 coloring book is in the Special Collections of the Cabell Library at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Chuck Scalin's work can be seen HERE. Matt Lively's work can be seen HERE.

30 Lester Van Winkle

29 Ken Winebrenner

28 Thomas Van Auken

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27 Heidi Trepanier

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26 Ed Trask

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25 D. Jack Solomon

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